Hi Everyone, I am wondering if you can help me figure something out.

We are interested in “polling” our visitors to get an idea of their main reason for visiting us on any given day in order to better understand what is driving our fantastic upswing in ticket sales. Can you make any recommendations on best ways to collect this kind of data?

As a background, we are located in downtown Cleveland, and we are near 3 sports stadiums, a convention center, many concert venues, and other event spaces. We are looking to get insight into whether our visitors came downtown specifically to visit us, or if maybe they are in town for a sporting event, concert, or convention and added us to their itinerary, etc. We believe the more insight we can get into this the better we can deliver amazing experiences for our visitors.
Right now the majority of our ticket sales are at our onsite box office which means we do not have contact information to do a follow up survey after they visit, and we are marketing hard to get the word out for people to purchase in advance online so we can collect contact information in our CRM/Ticketing system. Our online sales are improving but we aren’t quite there yet. So, the ‘poll’ will need to be asked on site.

We are considering asking a multiple choice question at the box office at the time of sale but I’m afraid that will slow down our purchase path too much when we already have long lines especially on weekends.
What do you think we should do to get the most data but not disrupt the visitor journey? Have any of you tackled similar data collecting? I’m all ears and welcome any and all insights.

Heidi Quicksilver
Interim VP of Technology
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame


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