Electronic Imaging & the Visual Arts
‘The Foremost European Electronic Imaging Events in the Visual Arts’

EVA 2019 Florence
Conference, Training & Workshops
8 – 9 May 2019

Hotel Pierre, Florence
Conference Languages: Italian & English

Offers of papers (8 pages draft or 1 page summary), Workshops & Demonstrations to be sent to the Chairmen

EVA 2019 Florence Chairmen: Vito Cappellini – Enrico Del Re
E-mail: vito.cappellini@unifi.it  – enrico.delre@unifi.it

For information email: vito.cappellini@unifi.it


Main Topics
·     European Commission Projects and Plans regarding Cultural Heritage
·     Mediterranean Initiatives in Technology for Cultural Heritage: Synergy with European & International Programmes
·     2D – 3D Digital Image Acquisition
·     Leading Edge Applications: Galleries, Libraries, Archaeological Sites, Museums & Historical Tours
·     Integrated Digital Archives for Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Art
·     Management of Museums by using ICT Technology: Documentation, Access, Guides & Other Services
·     The Impact of New Mobile Communications on Cultural Heritage and Modern Arts Area
·     Cloud Networks
·     Semantic Webs
·     Ontology Systems
·     Human – Computer Interaction for Cultural Heritage Applications
·     Copyright Protection
·     Secure Electronic Commerce (Anticounterfeiting)
·     Cybersecurity
·     Culture and e-government
·     Activities and Programmes for e-learning
·     Digital TV and films
·     3D Developments and Applications in the Cultural Heritage Area
·     Virtual Galleries and Exhibitions
·     Digital Art
·     Digital Music
·     Digital Theater
·     Cultural Tourism & Travel Applications
·     Impact of Culture in the Smart City
·     Art and Medicine

Who Should Attend
– The Cultural Sector – The Government Sector – Media & Related Sectors
– The ICT Industry, especially multimedia SME’s – Tourism & Travel Sector
– Technology & Visual Arts Research Organisations – Trade Culture Activities

President Advisory Board: James Hemsley
Email: jrhemsley6@gmail.com


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