How can you make your museum an open and co-creative place?

How can you open your museum to enthusiastic teams of designers, hackers, makers, artists, specialists, creators of all sorts, other museum and free spirited people?

How can you invite them to co-create, in a timely fashion, and a conducive environment, new and inventive ways of visiting/using your museum?

How can you help visitors become users? How can you make your museum open, networked, and participative?

Museomix is an experiment to help you do all these things!

Over three consecutive days, participants design, co-create and test new ways to mediate exhibitions, and experience the museum.

On the third day, prototypes are implemented right in the exhibitions spaces, allowing visitors to test them.

The very first edition took place in Les Arts Décoratifs museum, Paris, in November 2011. The second was in Lyon in october 2012, in the Musée Gallo-Romain. In 2013, Museomix will take place in several places around the world (UK, Quebec, France…)


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