Working closely with the Museum Director, the Director of Digital Experience and Media will provide both strategic leadership and oversight of Digital Strategy implementation initiatives that will enhance the Saint Louis Art Museum’s virtual presence and maximize physical and virtual visitor’s experiences and engagement with the Museum.

This position will also be responsible for overseeing a diverse department of professional staff and technical experts responsible for managing electronic documentation and digital assets associated with the Saint Louis Art Museum’s Collection, publishing collection information to a variety of traditional and digital platforms, ensuring greater access to the Museum’s digital assets, and supporting and developing the Museum’s public-facing online and in-gallery digital environment.

Specifications:  Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree preferred. Prefer management experience in a museum, art-related organization, institution of higher learning, or similar type of organization. Background should include knowledge of and experience in staff management as well as prior public contact experience. Position requires excellent oral and written communication skills, with the ability to be an effective and active listener. Excellent organizational abilities and experience developing and implementing long-range plans. Diplomatic and respectful of others with a record of promoting congeniality in the workplace.


  • Assist the Director in establishing and implementing the strategic direction of the Museum’s virtual presence and recommendations of the Museum’s Digital Strategy.
  • Participate in regular meetings with the Director and senior staff and monthly department head meetings; participate in discussions concerning the strategic direction of the Museum’s virtual presence and critical internal and external issues that may impact it; and report on key issues and initiatives of the department as they may impact other areas of the Museum.
  • Communicate directly with other department heads and management team members, and keep them informed on issues relevant to their specific areas of responsibility.
  • Maintain consistent, strong and open communications with the Director, senior staff, and key internal and external stakeholders.
  • Oversee the work of professional staff, technical experts, consultants, and contractors related to:
    • The development of the Museum’s public-facing online and in-gallery digital environment;
    • The Museum’s scholarly publications; and
    • The Museum’s production and management of digital assets.
  • Supervise the overall work of the Department of Digital Experience and Media including setting priorities that align with overall Museum mission, plan, and resources; establishing budgets and monitoring expenditures; and hiring staff and reviewing and assessing staff performance, including implementing disciplinary action where merited.
  • Assist in the development of grants and sponsorships soliciting support for digital initiatives as appropriate.
  • Lead and oversee the work of the Museum’s cross-departmental Digital Strategy Implementation Team.
  • Coordinate the meetings and activities of the Board Task Force on Digital Strategy.
  • Report to the Museum’s Boards on digital initiatives as appropriate.

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