Traveling Exhibition Service

International Arts & Artists

Washington, DC


Job Description


  • Reports to the Director of Traveling Exhibition Service (TES).
  • Supervise other registrars or related staff.
  • Manages registrarial duties for approximately 30 to 40 traveling exhibitions from early development through dispersal.
  • Works directly with Director and Exhibition Development Coordinator to develop new exhibitions.
  • For each exhibition, supervises or acts as the registrarial point of contact for the organizing institution, independent curator, lender(s), and/or venues.
  • Works with IA&A Exhibition Manager (EM) to determine object and logistical needs of exhibition during development and throughout the duration of the tour.
  • With EM, create exhibition budget and maintain costs.
  • Maintain department budget of $1,3+m.
  • Create department budget forecasting and continually update anticipated expenditures.
  • Oversees receipt of income payments.
  • Creates or delegates and approves exhibition checklist, crate lists, condition report notebooks, packing notes, and installation manual for each exhibition for distribution to traveling exhibition venues.
  • Supervises shipping for approximately 40+ domestic and international exhibition transits annually.
  • Assesses shipping costs and income from venues for outgoing and prorated shipping.
  • Supervises and/or coordinates packing/crating, customs brokerage, insurance, courier arrangements, and exhibition consolidation and dispersal.
  • Travel as exhibition courier, multiple exhibitions, multiple annual trips.
  • Informs venues of special handling and security needs of objects through checklists and installation manuals, as well as via direct communication,.
  • Oversees annual insurance policy and insurance claims.
  • Review, submit, and implement comments/suggestions on all contracts (venue, loan, lender, collaborator, curator).
  • Process or delegate signed loan agreements for co-signature, copies to lenders, etc.
  • Supervise organization and maintenance of images for checklists, condition reports, and installation manuals.
  • Supervise exhibition files maintenance.
  • Manages art collection of over 400 works and promised works: organizing movement or artwork, conservation needs, ensure object location recorded in Access database.
  • Review facility reports, venue condition notes, and COI’s.
  • Assists EMs on exhibition catalogue development specifically on object identification and lender credits.



  • Graduate degree in fine arts, art history, museum studies, or archaeology.
  • 5 FTE years of professional experience working in a museum setting, specifically on exhibition registration.
  • Firsthand experience and knowledge of regulations including CITES, domestic and international U.S. Indemnity, U.S. Immunity from Seizure.
  • Understanding of and familiarity with museum standards of practice
  • Skill in handling, moving, and packing fragile works of art.
  • Excellent writing skills and attention to detail.
  • Understanding of museum exhibitions and how they are generally organized.
  • Demonstrated success in creating and maintaining exhibition budget.
  • Demonstrated success at meeting competing deadlines and achieving performance goals.
  • Demonstrated ability to handle complex situations with grace.
  • Forward thinking and enthusiastic.
  • Success at exercising initiative and problem-solving.
  • Proficient in use of computers and other office equipment.
  • Ability to work cooperatively in a team setting.
  • Ability to lift 30 pounds.
  • Ability to travel regularly nationally, and sometimes internationally


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