logoMuseomix is on November 8-10 (yes, *this* weekend). For MuseomixUK we’re really excited as we have created an amazing community (that didn’t exist before!) and have brilliant talent coming from all over the UK, France and Russia.
Now that we secured the real life team, we need to organize an Online team of helpers.  These will be skills and talents that teams will be able to call on throughout the weekend to help.
While we’ll be doing our normal shout out for help via social media using hashtags (#museomixuk #MM_UK), we’d like to have a bank of people who we can ask for specific help from if required.  (Keep me mind, we’ve no idea what the prototypes are going to be until Friday).
We’ve created a Google Form for anyone that would like to be on our list. Would you be able to share across your channels please?  We have people from Australia, Germany, States, and more but would love to get a full bank of people to make this a true participatory experience.
Please feel free to follow our Facebook page, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and Instagram.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me (Mar Dixon) @Mardixon or mar@mardixon.com.

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