Today, the Exploratorium, in partnership with NASA and the NSF, is presenting our live webcast of the total solar eclipse happening over the south pacific.  We have a production crew on the Micronesian island of Woleai, with telescopes and satellite uplink.  I’m producing the streaming which is available on our website at  I hope you can tune in.  The telescope feed begins at 4PM PST today and our webcast with hosts from the Exploratorium and NASA is from 5:00PM – 6:00PM PST.  We also have a telescope feed with narration in Spanish from 5:15PM – 5:45PM PST.  A full four minutes of eclipse totality begins at 5:38 PM PST.
We’re doing several experiments with the project which you can also check out:
1) Total Solar Eclipse app for Android is available on Google Play and allows you to view all four live streams as well as on-demand videos about eclipses and past eclipse expeditions.
2) Watch the total solar eclipse live streams in Second Life on Exploratorium Island and on Science Circle sims.  More info here:
3) We’re also streaming via Internet2 multicast.  To view you must be connected to a research & education network (like CalREN in California or other regional I2-connected network).  Use the free VLC media player and browse ‘Network streams (SAP) to find the stream links.  More info here:
I hope you can check it out and welcome any feedback about our webcast and streaming experiments.

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